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Smart Sleeping Light/12Sleep
Lots of people used to reading before go to bed. It can take tired away and make people feel relax after a busy day. Therefore, FromD and 12sleep want to design a bedside lamp that could offer a better surrounding to reading. We found 30 users to learn and research them reading habit and needs before we start this project. Firstly, lots of them fall asleep when they reading. And the lamp is on all night. Secondly, some users need charging their phone at night. Therefore, there have lots of messy chargers in the bedside. At last, some users hope the color of lights could change in different surroundings. We hold a clear design direction after analysis these needs. It’s not only a lamp, but also a smart controller and a storage box. The light shines everywhere based on the round shape. The white color and wood color are followed interior design trends.