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PT3 Forehead Thermometer/iHealth
Manifest design language at mothers\' a glance is necessary , since upset mothers would not wait to think how to use it when their baby get fever. One pressing, mothers get everthing. One-press design makes PT3 much easier to use. On/off, holding, canning and reading, mothers don\'t need to think how to use the forehead thermometer. With modelling language of aiming, PT3 offers a clear and smooth using process. Easy use at night. Users manage to use it at night without turning the light on. In dark, the button is easy to find. Better reading experience. The design with perfect reading angle, manages to avoid halo and shadow interfering reading even at night. User-friendly home medic product. PT3 is designed with harmonious design language to be user-friendly, such as smooth edges and rounded body, providing best holding feel, while other products tend to have a strong sense of tool.